Zoonoses – the spread of diseases from animals to humans

Zoonoses are infectious diseases that are transmitted from animals to humans and, in some cases, vice versa. They can develop from epidemics into pandemics and thus have a signifi cant impact on world events, as was seen during the Covid-19 pandemic. At the same time, they are a natural component of our planet and will always be part of it.

However, mankind has created circumstances in which zoonoses are spreading increasingly quickly. Factory farming, wildlife traffi cking and biodiversity loss due to the clearing of rainforests are all contributing to the accelerated spread of zoonoses.

How can we deal with the risks in everyday life and can we perhaps help reduce them? Can we do anything at all and if so, what? Are we prepared to change our way of life? Does the responsibility perhaps lie elsewhere, for example in the political sphere?

In this study unit, pupils address the risk they live with. They assess the risk, gain knowledge about the possibilities for minimising risk and weigh up what they themselves can do to develop their own point of view on the topic.

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